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Zagreb Consulting is a chilean based firm oriented on the ICT field (Information and Telecommunications Technology) providing expert advisory and consultancy services in:

Requirement assessment for technology projects
Telecommunications networks design
Feasibility studies
ICT cost reductions
Request for proposals preparation
Bidding processes advice, offers evaluations and selections
Regulatory issues
Number portability
Costs estimation, modeling and optimization
Strategic management and KPI formulation
Business processes reengineering

Our Firm has successfully developed consultancies in Chile and South America, advising to regulators, operators, government departments and agencies involved in telecommunications and IT; as well as private companies acting as end users of ICT services. 

Some of them are:

Chilean Senate
Under Secretary of Telecommunications SUBTEL (regulator authority)
ENTEL Chile S.A. (fixed and mobile operator)
Claro Chile S.A. (mobile operator)
Departamento Nacional de Planeación, Government of Colombia
Ferrocarril Antofagasta Bolivia (Railway company)
Methanex Chile (Chemical company)
GEOTEC Boyles Bross (Drilling mining)
Fundación Innovación Agraria
Under Secretary of Health
Metro de Santiago (underground railway)
Compañía Manufacturera de Papeles y Cartones
Duoc UC (College)

Zagreb Consultores Ltda. / Teléfonos: +(562)2761 5077 +(562)2225 7951 +(569) 98955657 / pboric@zagrebconsultores.cl